Monday or Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday were close friends from their childhood. They were neighbours. They had lot of things common in their gardens. Monday had 5 cactus plants and Tuesday had 4 cactus plants. Tuesday had 3 strawberry trees and monday had two. Both of their houses were fenced heavily. So people found it difficult to pass through their garden. Even though both of them had almost the same type of garden, Monday is the one which got all the scolding from people. Because it was the first on the path they had to pass through everytime after Sunday, whose garden is fresh and easy to pass through. Tuesday will be little happy inside since monday got all the scolding, but it kept its joy as a secret and didn’t reveal it to anyone.

monday-tuesday-gardenOn the contrary to Monday’s and Tuesday’s garden, Sunday’s garden was so blissful. People felt pleasant, peaceful and fresh in Sunday’s garden. Even though Sunday and Monday are neighbours, nature of their gardens seem to be so different. People usually were very happy eating the strawberries, swimming in the pond and playing in the tree shades in Sunday’s garden. Even after having all these wealth, Sunday too had a worry. Since it spent all its wealth in making people happy, it didn’t get a chance to make friendship with Monday. So Sunday was jealous on Monday since it had Tuesday as it’s close friend.

Monday and Tuesday got into a big quarrel once. No one knows that the quarrel was a coincidence or it is because of Sunday’s jealous. Monday and Tuesday usually gets into little quarrels and later they console each other and be close friends as usual. But this time it was different, the fight become bigger and bigger. At a point it seemed they won’t be friends there after. Wednesday was a wise guy who lives next to Tuesday. Wednesday wanted to bring peace between Monday and Tuesday. To do that it must find what was the problem and must resolve it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday also came to support Wednesday.

When asked about the problem, Monday hesitated to tell but Tuesday came forward and said that, without its knowledge, Monday got fertilizers from Sunday and made its garden more green with more trees, more fruits, more shade and that increased the water level in Monday’s pond. This in turn made people happy who passed through Monday’s garden. So now people started scolding Tuesday since they felt pleasant with Monday. Since they were close friends Tuesday felt that Monday should have shared fertilizers with it. Monday defended itself by saying that it managed to get very little fertilizer from Sunday, which was sufficient only for its garden.

After hearing statements from both sides, Wednesday analysed the inner reason for this problem and came to a solution. Wednesday said, “people’s mood doesn’t change because of your garden but it changes with their own mindset. They have to work hard on planting trees in each garden to see the growth in the next garden. Since they work fruitfully in Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s garden. Finally without even working on Sunday’s and Saturday’s garden, they could see it’s well grown. If this equilibrium is broken and people stops working on any of the garden then even Sunday’s garden will become a waste land.”

“All our gardens has more or less the same number of cactus, strawberry and lychee trees. Even the pond sizes are almost the same. People tend to see the strawberry and lychee trees when the work is less and they feel pleasent. On the hectic times , cactus worries them the most. These all depends on what they see. There are times when people find disturbed with even Sunday’s garden also. Monday’s growth with fertilizers are not going to last longer. Next time when people pass through Monday’s garden, they will find the old and regular growth and again they will be upset.”

“Who knows sometime even Tuesday’s garden will also be well cherished and again it will come back to normal. Monday is used to hear all the people scolding so it is able to withstand it. Since it happens very occasionally for Tuesday, it created a big scene out of it. Even Sunday is not totally happy, it doesn’t have a close friend to share its happiness. Everyone have their own happiness and Sorrow. First we must understand the environment that will explain us the situation. Understanding a situation will help us react to a problem in the right way. So we can avoid over reacting or under reacting to a problem and making a mess out of it”. Wednesday’s explanation made Tuesday to understand the conflict and it apologized to Monday and they remained close friends forever.