Hello World!

I started writing this blog from Aug 15, 2011. The main purpose of this blog is to share some useful and interesting information about technologies. You can read post about the research and experiments those I carried out on PHP, MySql, jQuery, various CMS(Joomla, Drupal, Contrexx, Magento), PhoneGap, Android and other web based source technologies. Occasionally , I write about people lifestyle, politics, space, universe and other general stuffs. Everyone reading the site are appreciated to take part in the discussion and make the post very lively. And you are also welcomed to criticize and comment on my ideas, logic, post, or even the language used. Since, that will help the site to have less error-prone information. All i need is everyone’s support, so that I can keep on posting lots of information.

echo "Hello World!"; 
do { 
    echo "Welcome to Support and Comment Me!"; 
    if($bored) { 
} while(1); 
return "come again!";