Difference between websites and web-applications

Web on the whole covers a wide range of area which mainly include sharing of Information. We search for the information using some search engines, that takes us to some named domain hosted on a specific ip. And that is place which we call as website. Everyone of us are familiar with it. The confusion comes while the term 'Web Application' comes under discussion.

According to wiki, Application is defined as 'computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks'. So whatever thing on a web page which helps in doing a tasks like posting a content of text, paying bills, shopping, gaming, playing videos, etc.. can be named as web application. By this we can clearly we can saw Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, and other web sites through which we could accomplish something more than getting some information are called web application. In other case, some website may have some options like sending ecards to friends,  scheduling events, conducting meetings or chats hosted on a single site. So we can declare a web site can have any number of web applications.

In general, websites can be classified as content sites which holds information and functional pages. Even Blogs and forums wil not come under content page category since in blogs and forums, any user can reply to any post and the interactive level between the users wil be very high. So whatever we see on web is because of some application running in the backend. Hence all the websites are made of atleast one application.

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