Configure CNAME for adding Blogger to sites hosted on Hostgator

Blogger allows all its users to use a custom domain name for thier blogs instead of using the tradional one like

If you already own a domain, you can enter the domain name in the Advanced settings under Publishing section of Blogger settings. If you dont have a domain, you can buy one from any of the hosting providers. After adding the domain name in Blogger. You need to configure DNS in your domain to point that to your blog. If you have registered your domain at any of the following familir hosting provider, then configuring the CNAME is bit easy.

you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided at Google Support to achive this. If you have your hosting at Hostgator, the thing gets little tricky. And hostgator support staffs will not change the DNS records for DNS server that are not hosted in Hostgator. So you must get ready to make your hands dirty. And this is not that much complex. First login to the Cpanel of your domain, and inside that you can find ‘Advanced DNS zone editor’ under domains, click on that link and you will be taken to a page where you can select to which domain the DNS records to be altered. If you want to point a subdomain say, Simply select the from the drop down menu that is apperaed. A long list of domain names along with thier DNS records will be displayed correpondingly. Now for adding a new record for your domain name with google’s CNAME Give the domain name, where blogger want to be added in the ‘Name’ field. In the TTL(Time To Live), give the value used in the older entires or you can use 14400. TTL represents the amount of time that a DNS record for a certain host remains in the cache memory of a DNS server after the latter has located the host’s matching IP address. Select CNAME from the type drop down. Provide ‘’ as the CNAME. And thats it push the ‘add record’ button. Wait for 3-4 hrs, your blog at blogger will be loaded from your custom domain.

  • Gabriela Faith Ježková

    Hey, I’ve done everything as mentioned but this appears:already has SOA record. What not?

    Thank you so much!