Ever wondered to know thoughts of an animal?

From my childhood, I always use to guess what a pet animal will think about its owner. We the owner of that pet think we are kind to that animal and we give it healthy food and love regularly. But I am not sure all the pets will understand the love of the owner towards it. Personally I feel the freedom of that animal is restricted by making it a pet. I may be wrong because I too never heard any animal speak my language. I am simply curious to know how they think and how will it respond to our reactions.

I know that most of us would have had the same kind of curiosity to know the thought process of animals. Recently I came across a technology developed by a group of Scandinavian visionaries, who call themselves as “Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery”.



No More Woof” is the product that they have developed to hear what your pet talks. The project is in its cradle stage now, they don’t even have a working prototype of what they have envisioned. But the initiative was good. Right now they are only concentrating only on dogs. Since its quite obvious that dogs are the best friend of man. That’s why cats choose to turn deaf ears to their owner’s voice, even after recognizing it, a Japanese scientist recently invented.

It will be really fun and very informative to know how the other animals talk. The technology that is used to read the animal’s thoughts is by detecting the electrical signals generated in the brain for feelings.  Lets see how this comes out.